The Gray Goods Feel

Anna, Pamela & Kristin

Anna, Pamela & Kristin

In fabric manufacturing, gray goods are the freshly woven plain fabrics, ready to be printed through the finishing process. The undesigned. The not yet written. The blank slate. And that's the way we at Gray Goods feel about everyone's quilting potential. Our minds are truly blank design boards, with the potential to add something beautiful to the world. Our team at Gray Goods works hard to create quilt designs, which we like to think of as the frame to your picture, so that you can choose colors and placement and make it your own. In the end, we are all gray goods.







Gray Goods Design House is a collaborative quilt design firm based in Utah. Three friends decided to use their strong bits to work out a variety of quilt patterns for the people, because variety is what makes life worth it. Kristin and Pamela are childhood friends, and Kristin and Anna were newlywed neighbors. All three enjoy contributing to the Utah County Modern Quilt Group. Here are their stories:


Kristin Barrus 

Kristin is a lot of things, and she finds it hard to sit down and write a bio that covers it all without sounding boring or exhausting. Fabric is the way she finally found to create art, and in a family where art takes all forms, it was a huge relief to her.  Having a large design wall is both reassuring, and intimidating. The possibilities truly are endless. She does not believe that everything in the quilt world has already been designed. She does believe that pedaling on a bike till your legs ache can solve world problems. On her emergency Cycling ID band on her bike, at the very bottom, it reads, "Quilt or Die". She also enjoys reading really good books, avoids gardening, likes to be on a mountain with her family as often as possible, and tries to find the birds.

Anna Morrison

Anna has a strong family history in Scandinavia, Sweden to be specific, and appreciates the simplicity offered by Scandinavian design.  All of her mother's family still resides in Sweden and it's been her privilege to be able to visit several times over the years.  In fact, it is her dream to move to Sweden with her husband for a few years in the future...fingers crossed!  

Turning ideas into reality is Anna's favorite part of the creative process.  She is happiest when creating and collaborating with others.  Paper-piecing is her favorite technique and she enjoys teaching the technique to others.  She also enjoys baking, traveling, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Pamela Cardwell

Named after her mother's first roommate in college Pamela loves where she comes from. She loves the strong women in her family and how being creative with her hands is intertwined. Pamela grew up antiquing, cooking along side her mom, grandmother and sisters and running in the rain. (literally) Not until college did Pamela sit down at a sewing machine. With her entrepreneur spirit and a fearless attitude of "I can do that" her passion for fabric, stitched lines, and making something to sleep under began to take shape. 

After quilting for 15 years, Pamela decided to combine her love for hosting events + quilting = QuiltBLISS was born. A premier quilting event in the heart of the Utah Mountains. She loves to bring creative women together and to hear the hum of the sewing machine and the laughter of friends. info: